Who Is Chung Tang?

After years of trial and error, I finally discovered the value I’m here to give.

Hi, I’m Chung Tang.

I help independent service professionals do more of what they want to do and less of what frustrates them.

I grew up playing hockey against Sidney Crosby, somehow got into selling Cutco knives, then into direct response and inbound marketing.

Over time, I realized that my work with others involves 2 things:

First I work with them to develop a 90-day plan all the way down to the nitty gritty implementation of marketing campaigns.

Second I work with folks to help them cross waters they otherwise would not cross themselves.

A typical day for me is 2-3 consulting calls, then I’m working on lead generation campaigns, developing SOPs, writing emails, or solving some issue for those I work with.

I also send an email (sometimes a video) on a regular basis on strategies and tips for how you can earn $8,800/month doing what you love, be valuable to others and make an impact, one project, one person at a time. Details below if you’re interested: